What’s On My Desk.


There is something I have always found amusing about asking high profile individuals their preferences on the simple things in life, the things that every individual does, no matter the lifestyle. I think we all do. It manifests in knowing what models eat, how many hours a sleep a night Oprah gets, or seeing the closets of the Kardashians. It is these little things that we like to compare and sometimes, incorporate into our own lives if we’re convinced it gets us closer to that status, or exuding a certain quality we admire in that person.

I’m not a celebrity. I’m straddling childhood and adulthood, a transition full of agony and excitement. Sometimes, I feel like I wear my independence like a baby deer wears a new pair of legs. Wobbly, awkward, and stumbling into the wrong things. Other times, I feel on top of the world and I walk home with a smile so big it is perplexing to those that pass by.

This phase of life is a new battlefield, especially being on my own in New York City and even though my choice of green juice is not nearly as interesting as the one Karlie Kloss might be drinking (if you know, tell me), I, too, get by with the little things.

Found at my desk: laptop charger always, T Anthropologie mug that was gifted to me by my sisters, fresh fruit, Justin’s almond butter, SquelchIt and a Moleskin planner (I’ve been relying on them since high school).

Currently reading: What Color is Your Parachute? (2016 Version) by Richard N. Bolles


Currently listening to: The Intern podcast by Allison Behringer, #girlboss radio podcast by Sophia Amoruso.


Best Move of the Week: Caving to the cold temperatures and buying a monthly metro card. 

Worst Move of the Week: Thinking I could handle a mile and a half walk home, pre-monthly metro card. And spending too much money on SoulCycle.

Thankful for: Squelch. Used before work after I get off that subway, and post-SoulCycle.



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